Sympl-web package missing for ARM / Raspberry Pi

Continuing the discussion from Sympl-web-configure not found:

Problem Description

After following the latest and greatest install instructions from Installing Sympl - Sympl Wiki on a Raspberry Pi, the webserver portion of sympl is missing.


“It’s available now for Debian Stretch, Buster and Bullseye at no cost, and will run happily on Dedicated or Virtual servers, and even the Raspberry Pi.”

It looks like sympl-web is still not available for Bullseye on ARM / Raspberry Pi.
From what I can see from Index of /mythic/pool/main/s/sympl-web the packages simply aren’t being built.

Any Error Messages

$ uname -a
Linux 6.1.19-v8+ #1637 SMP PREEMPT Tue Mar 14 11:11:47 GMT 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux
$ cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)"
NAME="Debian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="11 (bullseye)"
$ sudo apt list --installed sympl*
sympl-backup/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-core/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20220426.0 all [installed]
sympl-dns/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-ftp/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-mail/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20220929.0 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-monit/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-mysql/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-phpmyadmin/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-updater/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20210818.1 all [installed,automatic]
sympl-webmail/bullseye,bullseye,now 11.20220322.0 all [installed,automatic]
$ sudo apt install sympl-web -y
Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
Package sympl-web is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source


  • Sympl Version: 11, see above
  • Sympl Testing Version? No
  • Debian Version: bullseye
  • Hardware Type? Pi
  • Hosted On?: local network

For now, there are only packages for Debian 10 (buster) on armhf (32 bit) on the Mythic Beasts repo, and this is a known issue at the moment.

The packaging for the Pi binary packages is broken currently, but it’s being looked into.

Thanks. It’s good to hear it’s being looked at.
Do you have any rough idea of how long it may take to fix? Are we talking days, weeks, months or next year sometime? I realise it is often difficult to say but a vague idea of how high it is up the priorities would be useful

Thanks again for all the hard work you and the whole team put into software like this, it is appreciated.

Honestly hard to say - there’s quite a few moving parts to build, compile, package, sign and add to the repository.

I think I found the area where it’s breaking. But it’s not something I’m that familiar with, and I need to get someone who’s a little more familiar to lok into it when available.

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You mean you’re sticking to doing things you’re competent at, and getting expert help when necessary? You’ve no chance of a post in the government, then!

Seriously, your work on this is appreciated. I’d like to install it on PI4, especially as it’s possible to buy them again.


Just adding my voice to the appreciation. I’m intending to buy a Pi 4 as a small web server, and sympl makes that much easier.

I used symbiosis back in the day, and was gutted when I discovered it had been abandoned. Until I discovered it had been forked into sympl :slightly_smiling_face:

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