phpMyAdmin on Debian Buster/Sympl 10.0

Unfortunately, as there’s no maintainer for the phpMyAdmin package for Debian Buster, it’s not been included in the Debian repos, so the sympl-phpmyadmin package can’t be installed.

I investigating swapping phpMyAdmin for Adminer, but unfortunately, the feature set for Adminer is too narrow for what’s needed and there is little to no security with it, meaning integrating it safely would be a headache.

As a workaround, I’m putting a guide together on manually installing the current version of phpMyAdmin on Sympl 10.0, and securing it in the same way it was for Symbiosis and Sympl 9.0.

While it’s unlikely the package will turn up in Debian, if a trusted third party repo does appear with the package, it should be able to update the guide and/or rebuild the package.

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No sign of the promised guide to manual installation, which I assume will appear in the Wiki, but in case anyone else needs to do this, I found good instructions here:

Though this is intended for use with ISPConfig, it’s a quite generic install that looks reasonably sensible. The only extra thing I had to do was to make was add /usr/share/phpmyadmin to the PHP open_basedir list in my apache2 site config file.
(I did try a full install of ISPConfig a while ago, but didn’t like it very much)

That looks about right! Sorry the guide hasn’t appeared yet - I’ve been busier than expected.

However, one of the guys at Mythic has been working on a properly packaged copy of phpMyAdmin for Buster, so it may well re-appear in Sympl at some point.

Quite some time later, but… we now have a reasonably safe guide to installing phpMyAdmin on a server running Sympl on Debian Buster.

It’s aimed at more experienced users than most guides, and makes a few assumptions about what you already have set up, but it should be useful in the instances where phpMyAdmin is needed.

Nice guide.

For me as I upgraded to Buster from squeeze phpmyadmin works OK.

You may run into other issues later down the line though, as that copy of phpMyAdmin probably isn’t going to get updates, and you may have other packages hanging around.

There’s a reasonable chance it may be okay, but a non-zero chance of problems later - that’s why the official path between versions is a clean install, at least for the foreseeable future! :slight_smile:

I shall upgrade when I get a spare moment. It all reminds me when we used to package PHPmyadmin as a plugin for coppermine, it was a right royal pain to keep up to date.

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The instructions worked perfectly when I installed phpmyadmin today. Thanks for putting them together!

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback, @fogma!

Just a quick note: Sympl on Buster now has built-in support for phpMyAdmin, the same as Sympl on Stretch.