2020-09-16 phpMyAdmin now re-added to Buster

phpMyAdmin was dropped from the initial Debian Buster release due to it having no maintainer at the time, and a fair bit of working being needed to bring it up to speed.

However, fairly recently, it was added to the Debian Buster Backports repo, so with some tweaking and a load of testing, it’s now available in Sympl, and works the same way it did in Stretch.

Also worth mentioning is that sympl-core on Buster has now been updated to add the Debian Backports repo to apt if it’s not already set and properly configure it for PHPMyAdmin and it’s dependencies, and the installer will do the same for new installs.

Normal sympl update runs will not install sympl-phpmyadmin, only update already-installed packages…

  • Current Debian Buster users without phpMyAdmin
    It won’t be automatically installed, but you can install it with apt install sympl-phpmyadmin if you want.

  • New installs of Sympl on Debian Buster
    Assuming someone is using the installer, it will be installed automatically. Alternatively, it can be installed/uninstalled manually once sympl-core is instaled.

As always, if you have any questions, just post!

Great news however I have already installed a couple of databases using command line. If I go ahead and run apt install sympl-phpmyadmin is there any danger that my existing databases will be overwritten?
Also looks like there are some phpmyadmin installation options to decide. What are the correct choices?

For example -
│ │
│ The phpmyadmin package must have a database installed and configured │
│ before it can be used. This can be optionally handled with │
│ dbconfig-common. │
│ │
│ If you are an advanced database administrator and know that you want to │
│ perform this configuration manually, or if your database has already │
│ been installed and configured, you should refuse this option. Details on │
│ what needs to be done should most likely be provided in │
│ /usr/share/doc/phpmyadmin. │
│ │
│ Otherwise, you should probably choose this option. │
│ │
│ Configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common? │
│ │
│ │

You should be safe to answer “yes” to “Configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common?”

And the databases created with the Sympl CLI shouldn’t be affected at all, assuming none of them are named phpmyadmin.

Thanks for the quick response. I now have phpmyadmin fully installed :slight_smile:
Please keep up the good work!