ZipArchive on Debian 10

I have Sympl installed on Debian 10. I’m setting up a couple of Word Press sites and need to import a template plugin and demo content. However WordPress is telling me that ZipArchive is required to import demo content. Will installation of ZipArchive cause any Sympl issues?

It sounds like you need the Zip libraries for PHP.

You should be able to enable this with:

sudo apt install -y php-zip
sudo apache2 reload

That should configure everything as needed, and I don’t see any issues with it conflicting with existing Sympl functionality.

(I’m a little surprised it’s not installed by default to be honest, as it’s uncommon but not that uncommon).

I’ve had to do the same, some time ago. Sympl didn’t mind at all. It’s only a PHP library, so it won’t affect anything not written in PHP.