What news of Sympl for Bullseye?

I know you’re all probably far too polite to ask so I will - what news of Sympl for Bullseye?

Sympl 11 for Debian Bullseye is ready to be launched once Debian 11 is, which is expected to be this weekend.

It’s functionally identical to Sympl 9 and 10, with feature parity across all versions.

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That’s great news.

Sympl DNS setup proved to be a stumbling block for me so I’m wondering whether there have been any improvements in this area? There was talk of incorporating OctoDNS at the link below:

Configuring DNS - Sympl Wiki

As mentioned, Sympl 11 has the same features as Sympl 9 and 10, so no, there’s no major changes to DNS functionality.

There are some near-term plans for a simpler DNS configuration audit script, which will check if the public DNS configuration matches what Sympl has generated and point out what needs changing.

What news on upgrading extant Buster systems?

Debian Bullseye was released very late on Saturday, so I’ll be working on a manual test of all the Sympl functionality, so expect a release soon.

We’ll want to be sure that Debian dist-upgrades go okay normally from Buster to Bullseye, but once any issues have been found, it should be possible to look into upgrading Sympl.

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And it’s out!

Sympl 11 for Debian Bullseye is available now!