Webmail/Roundcube URL

A customer has been using example.com/roundcube to access Roundcube, but this morning said it didn’t work (404). I told him to use example.com/webmail, as I always believed that to be the correct address, though I seem to remember /roundcube was once the correct address.

What’s puzzling me is what has suddenly changed. Was the /roundcube address discontinued very recently? I see no recent changes in either Roundcube (last security update two weeks ago) or Sympl changelog.

The customer is a business and would have been using it daily, so it looks like an overnight change.
(OTOH It’s just faintly possible he’s relying on very old advice dating back to when I was using Virtualmin, over a year ago)

No, it’s always been example.com/webmail in Sympl (and no changes since launch), although back in Symbiosis Jessie days it was optionally example.com/webmail/roundcube or example.com/webmail/squirrelmail if you had either installed.

Thanks for confirming. It’s just possible I had previously installed a redirect from /roundcube to /webmail, which would have vanished following a recent total site rebuild. Combined with the possibility that he doesn’t actually use webmail very often; I think he uses Thunderbird mostly.
Panic over!

Lots of people were using Squirrelmail, which they liked. Sadly, it is no more and they’ve had to move to Roundcube. Small wave of “not happy” to flounder through.

Squirrelmail wasn’t without its problems, though. And it looks rather old-fashioned.

I didn’t realise people were still using it. Not php7.3 safe, so it’s no longer an option.