Web interface for Sympl

Is anyone working on a web interface for Sympl? I think there were a couple of projects which did this for Symbiosis, and it’s something I would be interested in for clients (especially agencies) who don’t want to ask me to create email addresses etc. for them but lack the technical skills to use the command line.

I suspect this would be better as a separate project, rather than integrated within the Sympl repository.

I’m not aware of anything for Symbiosis (beyond a couple of simple proof of concepts), but anything for that would probably work with Sympl mostly.

Generally, the thought of a web UI previously had concerns with security and authentication - doing it properly (2FA etc) would be non-trivial, and you’d be relying on whatever it’s written in being secure (and working okay) on the server itself.

The Sympl command line however is the first step to having a proper SSH-API, which can then be used to configure a server as needed, via an external web UI or managed scripting tools for multiple servers.