Using smtp smarthost

Hi everybody,

This is my first post in the forum, so I try to be as accurate as possible.

I would like to use a SMTP relay host (smarthost) on my sympl installation to send all emails. Background ist that I’m using an IPv6 only environment which works well but not all email providers are accepting emails via IPv6. Does sympl supoort this out of the box or do I need to adjust exim4 config manually.

Thank you very much for your support.
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  • Sympl Version: 11
  • Sympl Testing Version: no
  • Debian Version: Bullseye
  • Hardware Type: Virtual

Hi, welcome to the Sympl Forum.
Sympl is dual stack, but I’m not sure what you mean by an IPv6 environment.
If you mean using IPv6 to pass a message to exim4 as a smarthost, and then having exim4 relay the message to an IPv4 only recipient, yes, I’m sure it can do that, because my home system connects to my Sympl host on IPv6 to send mail, and not all recipients are IPv6.
(my home system is also dual stack, but its policy is to try IPv6 first)