Updates for manual backups

I’ve just pushed some updates for sympl-backup and sympl-mysql to testing, which fix a few bugs for users who have migrated from Symbiosis, who may have had trouble backing up.

The main difference is that attempting to perform a backup as the sympl user will result in a notice that it should be done as the root user instead, using sudo. Triggering backups as the sympl user do still work, but you also end up skipping a fair amount of data as the sympl user doesn’t have full access.

The other difference which should be transparent is that the sympl-sqldump tool now defaults to using the login details from /home/sympl/.my.cnf rather than the running users home directory (which would be root, and fall back to /etc/mysql/debian.cnf in most cases).

Normal scheduled backups won’t be affected, and I’ll push this to stable in a few days.