Unattended upgrade failure

Problem Description

Unattended upgrades has started sending me emails saying it has failed. I can see it is related to the upgrade of cloud-init however the “E:Could not open file cloud-init” worries me, so I thought i’d seek advice before fiddling :slight_smile:

This started a couple of days ago and this is this morning’s email:

Any Error Messages

Unattended upgrade result: All upgrades installed

Packages that attempted to upgrade:

Packages with upgradable origin but kept back:

Package installation log:
Log started: 2020-08-07  06:39:29
Preparing to unpack .../libjson-c3_0.12.1+ds-2+deb10u1_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking libjson-c3:amd64 (0.12.1+ds-2+deb10u1) over (0.12.1+ds-2) ...
Setting up libjson-c3:amd64 (0.12.1+ds-2+deb10u1) ...
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.28-10) ...
Log ended: 2020-08-07  06:39:30

Unattended-upgrades log:
Checking if system is running on battery is skipped. Please install powermgmt-base package to check power status and skip installing updates when the system is running on battery.
Initial blacklist :
Initial whitelist:
Starting unattended upgrades script
Allowed origins are: origin=Debian,codename=buster,label=Debian, origin=Debian,codename=buster,label=Debian-Security, o=MythicBeasts, o=Debian,n=buster, o=Debian,n=buster-updates, o=Debian,n=buster-lts, o=Debian,n=buster,l=Debian-Security
Package cloud-init has conffile prompt and needs to be upgraded manually
failed to read deb file cloud-init (E:Could not open file cloud-init - open (2: No such file or directory))
package cloud-init not upgraded
Packages that will be upgraded: libjson-c3
Writing dpkg log to /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades-dpkg.log
All upgrades installed


  • Sympl Version 10.0
  • Sympl Testing Version? No
  • Debian Version? Buster
  • Hardware Type? VPS
  • Hosted On? Brightbox

Yes, it’s just the package having an update but it has prompt as the config file is slightly different to the packaged one.

Run apt install --only-upgrade cloudinit and it’ll upgrade it and prompt.

It’ll probably suggest either keeping the current config, or replacing it, and you can check the changes and decide if which one you want - you’re usually fine with either.

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Thanks for the help.

This has been added in the new config file:

# This preverts apt/sources.list to be updated at boot time, which
# may be annoying.
apt_preserve_sources_list: true

And this has been added to the original file:

mount_default_fields: [~, ~, 'auto', 'defaults,nofail', '0', '2']
manage_etc_hosts: true

I went with the original file :slight_smile: