Timeline for the next release

Sounds great. Do you have any timelines for the next release?

The Bytemark forum was a repository of great solutions to many issues. It would be useful to have it back online until this forum is comparable.

Not as of yet - there’s a lot of technical debt to pay off, so it’s difficult to estimate timescales for larger project like this, but I’m making pretty good progress.

This is one of the reasons Symbiosis was becoming more difficult to maintain over time, as there’s many years of re-purposed code with little in the way of documentation or comments, so more than a few things work oddly, or don’t work as the documentation says they should do - the no-stats file in Symbiosis 9 was a good example of this, and lead to unsecured web stats being generated by default.

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The core problem was that Symbiosis was code-led, not document-led.
If you write a funtional spec and then a technical spec BEFORE you write the code, it’s clear what you are trying to achieve and how you are trying to do it.
If you keep some or most of the spec in your head until you write the code, that clarity is lost forever.