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Problem Description

I’ve created a new Debian 10 server and immediately installed Sympl using the instructions here: Installing Sympl - Sympl Wiki — I followed the “Manual Install” instructions, and it didn’t ask me any questions.

My purpose is to migrate from a Symbiosis server, so I began to follow the instructions here: Migrating from Symbiosis - Sympl Wiki. It went fine until I got to this line: sudo sympl-filesystem-security; sudo sympl-web-configure, when I got the error “sudo: sympl-web-configure: command not found”. And indeed, there is no such file on the server. I suspect that this is a pretty important step that I’m stuck at.

This is my first attemtp to use Sympl, although I’ve been using Symbiosis for some time, so I may very well just be doing something stupid. In any case, I could really use some help!

Thanks in anticipation,

Any Error Messages

root@loris:~# sympl-web-configure
bash: sympl-web-configure: command not found
root@loris:~# sudo sympl-web-configure
sudo: sympl-web-configure: command not found


  • Sympl Version 9.0:
  • Sympl Testing Version? No
  • Debian Version Buster
  • Hardware Type? Virtual
  • Hosted On? Bytemark

Is it possibly something as straightforward as not having installed it? I installed sympl-core but perhaps I need to install other packages? sympl-web? But I can’t find any documentation about this.

Hi, welcome to the Sympl forum!
Yes, sympl-core “recommends” sympl-web but does not depend on it, so you might need to install it separately.
You can find out the dependencies by apt-cache show sympl-core (aptitude or apt also work, if installed)

Also I note you are using Debian 10 “Buster” and Sympl 9.0. Sympl 10 is intended for use with Debian 10 - I don’t know what happens if you mix versions, but could break something.

Hi @spunto, and welcome!

As @Anahata mentioned, sympl-core has the other packages set to be ‘recommended’, but doesn’t require them to be installed (so you could create just a database server, or just a mail server, or similar.

It sounds like you installed sympl-core, but didn’t add the --install-recommends as you weren’t asked the configuration questions.

If you use the automatic installer, that will do it for you (and the source is visible at · master · Sympl / Sympl Install Script · GitLab), so you could just follow that through if you’re not sure.

Theres a few dependencies and gotchas (like the one you ran into) which is why the installer script exists - it doesn’t do anything unusual, and makes sure thing are all properly configured, so you should be fine to use that still to install all the relevant parts.

Thanks very much for your help, everyone.

I think my best bet is to start again, rather than try to fix it — it’s a brand new server so I’m not losing anything but a couple of hours’ work, So:

  1. Re-image the server
  2. Install Sympl using the “Automatic Install” instructions from Installing Sympl - Sympl Wiki

But there are some issues here. I did in fact use the --install-recommends switch: it’s part of the recommended command on the installation instructions page. It seems to me it’s a problem that it didn’t work. And why did it install the wrong version?

The only mention of versions in the instructions is a choice between stable/production and beta/testing versions, when using the automatic install. Is one of these version 9 and one version 10? It seems as though these instructions might be out of date, or at least incomplete — in either case they probably want looking over by someone in the know.

I will try again using the automatic instructions for a stable version, and cross my fingers that it will choose the appropriate version for my OS which is Debian 10, so it ought to install Sympl 10, if I understand correctly, is that right?

Finally, if I can’t trust the installation instructions, can I trust the migration advice here Migrating from Symbiosis - Sympl Wiki ? The page definitely requires at least a little interpretation: it reads as though it’s been poorly proof-read, but is it basically sound?

Thanks again, I very much appreciate your taking the time to help me!


Looks as though that plan has worked!

Thanks again for your help.

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