Sympl Source Code repository moved to GitLab

While Sympl is open source, getting things up and running took a fair amount of work, so I took the opportunity to move the source repository to a server run by Mythic Beasts - they already had a GitLab instance up and running which wasn’t getting much use, and it was fairly easy to allow people to sign up to contribute and report issues.

However, over time, the public GitLab server ended up being a target for spam, and policing it ended up taking a fair amount of time which then lead to new sign-ups having to be restricted.

With this in mind, I’ve moved the Sympl repository to GitLab, where it started out 4 years ago today.

For normal day-to-day operations, nothing significant should change, and the Sympl .deb packages will continue to be packaged by Mythic Beasts, however it’ll be a lot easier for users to contribute, as well as log any issues.

The new official repository URL for Sympl is, and everything has been migrated over - I’ll still continue developing things as before, but hopefully this will allow me to spend more time working on Sympl, and get us further down that roadmap!