becomes, and a call for Testimonials

Just a small post to say that is in the process of moving to, with the main landing site already moved, and the forums, wiki and others being moved later on.

Of course, redirects will be set, and URLs won’t be changing otherwise.

Longer term, this means the domain is free for other uses, such as dynamic DNS with Wildcard SSL certs for each server, keeping the .io domain free for typical usage, and saving you two keystrokes!

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Just to add to this, the new site has a space for testimonials from users (currently hidden), so if anyone would care to write something about your experience with Sympl who isn’t directly involved with the development, that would be greatly appreciated.

I said this in a recent blog post about Sympl:

I think Sympl is a good choice if you want to host websites and emails for clients without needing in-house system administration.

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We’ve used Sympl since before it was Sympl so our testimonial would be:

We host several hundred sites on multiple servers using Sympl. At O’Brien Media Ltd we’re primarily a web design and development agency but our customers like having their website services all “under one roof” so we began hosting sites.

As we need a simple solution Sympl was the answer. Our team members can create news sites, create databases, and get the site set up with an SSL certificate in seconds via the command line or by using SFTP. We can quickly and easily add new mailboxes for customers and this enables us to truly provide a complete solution to our customers with the ability to make adjustments to configurations that proprietary solutions just don’t offer.

Hope that is useful!


I shall write a testimonial later. It deserves one!
I think I like the new page design better, but there is something rather weird about the font for the body text. It may just be because the design uses #4F4F4F instead of black for the colour, but I suspect it isn’t just that. I’ve attached a sample. Look at the tops of the letters
Please can we have clear, black writing on a white background?

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Awesome, thanks everyone!

@hairydog Interesting, I’ll see if I can tweak the font a little, as that’s pretty distracting

Font tweaks made (and they should be a bit more consistent now), so it should display better now.

We have a couple of testimonials up and running on the site now. If anyone else has anything they’d like to contribute, please drop me a message via the forum! (click my avatar, then Message)

Some time later…

The forum has now been moved from to, and the wiki and others should follow soon.

Everything else should be unchanged, with the only difference being the ability to log in via GitLab now being removed - it was using a third party plugin for the forum, required full access to a users account at GitLab, so I’ve now disabled that functionality, although it looks like it wasn’t heavily used. If someone was using it, please create a new account either directly or via one of the other methods and let me know, and I’ll link the accounts.

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