Symbiosis DNS documentation

I am pretty sure that somebody here has the original Bytemark forum info about the system that uploaded dns to their name servers. I’ve discovered that I still have at least one domain on bytemark name servers, and that dns changes aren’t being uploaded.

Any chance of a copy of that section?

Turns out that it is working again now. So no need for more info.

The old BytemarkDNS script was quietly deprecated some years ago now (around 2017 if memory serves) as it was being phased out with the ‘new’ control panel version, although it very unlikely that, going to see any development

Behind the scenes the Bytemark DNS platform itself is pretty ancient and even when I was there there was little documentation as to how it actually worked, so it’s likely it’s going to fall over entirely at some point, or have other issues which makes it unusable.

Long term, I’d strongly suggest moving off there when possible - we have a nice web-based platform at Mythic Beasts which has API support and doesn’t require the domain to be registered with us.

Well, the Bytemark system does seem to be working for the one domain I have still pointing at their name servers. The good thing about OhNoMart having taken it over is that they will probably not do any maintenance, so they won’t break it by fixing it.

Last time I looked, Mythic Beasts were a lot more expensive for a DH. Perhaps I should look again.