Symbiosis crept back in!

I’m in the process of moving from Symbiosis on Bytemark onto Sympl on a few other servers.

As part of this change, I’m setting them up on the new server, then will change the DNS to point to the new location.

As part of this, I need to run sudo sympl-dns-generate --verbose but somehow it has picked up some Bytemarkness, and was doing this:

Writing data to /root/BytemarkDNS/data/
Renaming /root/BytemarkDNS/data/ to /root/BytemarkDNS/data/
All new data have been written. Checking for changes.
Uploading using /root/BytemarkDNS/upload
Writing hash to /root/BytemarkDNS/.hash

So I thought I’d try renaming that directory. Now I get

sudo sympl-dns-generate --verbose
Unable generate DNS data because the BytemarkDNS directory “/root/BytemarkDNS” is missing.

Perhaps I’ve accidentally copied something I shouldn’t have from the old server. But what? And how do I fix it?

Or is it just a false alarm, because BytemarkDNS/upload just says

exit 0


This is just a holdover from the old Bytemark days I think.

I’ve modified my ‘BytemarkDNS/upload’ script to send the DNS over to Mythic Beasts via their API.


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Had me a bit worried in case it was overwriting the live data!