SSL issue on update

Problem Description

When trying to run sympl-ssl to update a certificate (after adding a codomain) I get an error.

If I delete the .well-known directory and try again, it works OK.

Any Error Messages

Fetching a new certificate from LetsEncrypt.
!! Failed: Operation not permitted @ rb_file_chown


  • Sympl Version [9.0/10.0]: 12
  • Sympl Testing Version? [Yes/No] no
  • Debian Version [Buster/Stretch]: bullseye
  • Hardware Type? [Dedicated/Virtual/Pi] Pi5
  • Hosted On? [name of hosting co] LAN

It sounds like it’s failing when changing the ownership of something - are you running this as root (sudo sympl-ssl --verbose

You mention you added a codomain (I assume an alias?) - if so, did you create a symlink for the base domain in /srv, or something like /srv/

Yes, using sudo and using
ln -s for the base domain in /srv
It works if I delete the .well-known directory first

I’m not sure I’ve seen this before - do you have config/php-user or anything like that set for the domain?

If you let it run once normally and then force a certificate re-issue, does the ownership on the .well-known or similar directories change?

What filesystem type is being used on the partition holding /srv?

The installation is standard sympl on android on pi5. Nothing away from the defaults.

I’ll look at forcing a renewal in a few days: I’m away and my mi-fi is giving connectivity issues.