Server at home?


I’m thinking about running a small web & email server at home. We have a fixed IP address (only IPv4, we don’t have an IPv6 address).

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any issues we might come across. For instance, will people like spamhaus recognise it as a residential IP and blacklist it because of that?


It depends entirely on your ISP - you’ll need to check they allow SMTP out, and can set reverse DNS set properly for the IPv4 address, which they should be able to do.

Spamhaus etc. tend to only list dynamic addressing ranges as suspect, but with modern filtering (SPF, DMARC and DKIM) you’ll usually be okay.

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Yes, the isp network is definitely worth a watch and tales of small operators having difficulty delivering to major players are not uncommon on the mailop mailing list. You could run the address through to see if anyone’s currently flagging the address/block.

After various takeovers – where brilliant independent provider becomes something else – my home connectivity has become increasingly at risk. So far, it hasn’t significantly affected email deliverability – two of the lesser known RBLs have blocked on ASN and the one I knew about before today instantly delisted when I got in touch.

(However, some parts of google seem to think I’m in Romania and I’ve seen a few cloudflare customers blocking website access; they were surprisingly responsive but basically said ‘clients will client’. :wink: I’m not going to waste time asking site operators to delist so, for now, put up with the odd inconvenience like dropping WiFi or going via VPN to submit a meter reading (I’m now 638 days into ‘What happens next?’ following a request for a smart meter installation)…).

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Thanks. Having looked into it some more, I think I’ll go with another option for email.

Bizarrely, my home internet connection is almost in Romania (it runs through a vps server in London which is rented from a Romanian company).

I don’t have any such issues, though I don’t run a public web or email server on that connection. IP lookups reckon I’m in London (which I’m not).