Roundcube max_disclosed_recipients

/etc/roundcube/ suggests a default value of five for max_disclosed_recipients – it’s supposed to give a soft warning when users compose(/send?) messages with six+ recipients in the To or Cc fields. I’m not seeing any sign of it working, not even after editing /etc/roundcube/

// MC EDIT: - max. disclosed recipients

if ( !array_key_exists('max_disclosed_recipients', $config) ) {

   * Max disclosed recipients soft warning. 
  $config['max_disclosed_recipients'] = 5;


(Under symbiosis & ancient roundcube, the feature wasn’t implemented so I tweaked exim’s non-smtp acl to reject such messages but it wasn’t user-friendly).

Has anyone seen this feature work?

Environment :leaves:

  • Sympl Version [11]
  • Sympl Testing Version [no]
  • Debian Version [bullseye]
  • Hardware type [virtual]
  • Hosted on [mythic-beasts]

Sorry for the noise but I’ve just found that the feature is working – and very nicely.


(Initial tests and/or expectations about include file reloads must have been out of whack).