Range of ports through firewall?

I want to open up about 100 ports in a range.
Short of adding 100 files to incoming.d is there a way to set a range of ports there, or should I instead invent a service name and open that service? In that case, how would I define a range of ports for that servive?

Theres a couple of options:

  1. Create a new firewall ‘rule’ in /usr/share/sympl/firewall/rule.d, see ftp.incoming in that directory for a multiport example. You can then touch 98-name in /etc/sympl/firewall/incoming.d.

  2. Create a custom script in /etc/sympl/firewall/local.d/ to the the work for you, and that will get run after the firewall runs, so you can use it to insert custom rules into iptables - you’ll need to use something like this:

iptables -I INPUT 10 -P tcp -m multiport --dports 40000:40099 && exit 0