PHPMyAdmin Authentication

Problem Description

I need to find or reset my master password for PHPMyAdmin.
My browser remembered it, but I accidentally deleted its record of that password and my usual password store doesn’t seem to have the correct value.
I know Sympl configures PHPMyadmin to use HTTP Basic Auth, but I can’t find a .htpasswd file on the server.
What should I be looking for?


  • Sympl Version [11.0]:
  • Sympl Testing Version? [No]
  • Debian Version [Bullseye]:
  • Hardware Type? [Virtual]
  • Hosted On? [Bitfolk]

The basic Auth used to log in is actually the MySQL database login, so there’s no .htaccess.

Check /home/sympl -for a file with the password - the username should be ‘sympl’.

Alternatively, you should be able to reset the ‘sympl’@'localhost user via the normal way using mysql on the command line as root.

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Many thanks for quick response. I’m amazed to find that file is still there, but my main problem was having a different username/password combination in my password store, dating back to an earlier PMA installation which authenticated differently.
All good now, thanks!