PHP-FPM and suExec

Previous Symbiosis user here…
I’ve been using Virtualmin for a while, and while I’m not keen on its messy web interface, one of the things I like about it is that I can have multiple Apache vhosts each running as the owner of its files, a security advantage. Also with php-fpm it seems to use far less memory than mod-php did.

Can Sympl let me do that?
I’m wondering about switching, because I’d rather be doing everything with ssh.

This is simply because each instance of Apache doesn’t need it’s own copy of Apache, however, if you’re running sites and PHP as separate users, you’ll end up with more PHP instances, so it’s a tradeoff if you’re running a large number of sites.

Not entirely, but it’s on the future features list, and I’m a few steps down the path to implementing it!

At the moment you can have each site’s files owned by a separate user/group (using config/public-user and config/public-group, more info here), which somewhat limits cross-contamination, and PHP is by default limited to the /srv/ directory, but the next step will be to replace mod-php with php-fpm, and then add things like sepectable PHP versions.