OctoDNS and Sympl and Mythic Beasts: How?

Problem Description

I would like Sympl to automatically manage DNS entries. There is some documentation, but not enough for someone who doesn’t already know what to do.

Any Error Messages

From the wiki:
This guide assumes that the appropriate domains are using Mythic Beasts to provide Primary DNS service, and the domain has an appropriate API password configured.

But “this guide” does not tell me how to reach that situation, and it has no links to where I can find instructions.

I have successfully added the test domain as a third party domain in Mythic Beasts, and I could enter all the relevant things manually using the MB domain settings before switching the nameservers, but my idea is to automate things first. How do I configure an appropriate API password for the domain?


  • Sympl Version [11.0]:
  • Sympl Testing Version? [No]
  • Debian Version [Bullseye]:
  • Hardware Type? [Dedicated]
  • Hosted On? [Mythic Beasts]

If you go to the domains part of the mythic control panel and then click ‘Settings’ for the domain name, you should then find the ‘DNS APIs’ link under ‘Nameservers and DNS’.

IIRC, you want to use the older “DNS API v1” and set a (long/complex/unique) password there.

Thanks. I’ll do that. There ought to be documenation making this more clear for a bear of little brain.

Does the long/complex/unique password have to be different for every domain, or can they safely all be the same? With over 100 domains, it’s a lot of extra passwords to manage.


Now I am stepping through the process, it looks as if I need to edit a config file every time I add a domain name, entering this new domain name at least eight times into the config, along with the password.

This sounds like the sort of thing that sympl ought to be doing automatically. As it is, editing the DNS by hand is an easier task than automating it.

Have I misunderstood something?

I’m the original author of the guide you mention. Yes, it’s not perfect, but I find it is a whole lot better than having to manually edit the DNS. I have the creation of the config file automated via an Ansible role, so that side of things isn’t a factor for me.

Yes, ideally Sympl should be doing it automatically. However, I don’t think sympl has been updated to include this functionality (yet).


Ah well, I’ll stick to how it is after all.