Mail server not seeing files as "switches"

Problem Description

After setting the /srv/servername/config/default_forward file, catchall emails are not delivered
After setting the /srv/servername/config/antispam file, anti spam does not work
After setting the /srv/servername/config/antivirus file, no evidence of emails being scanned for viruses
After setting the /srv/servername/config/blacklists/, no evidence of IP filtering taking place

It’s pretty much like the “switches” are not being seen by the system

Any Error Messages

For the email forwarding, all I get is a delayed delivery warning saying

Delay reason: bad mode (0100660) for /srv/
020 bit(s) unexpected

I have checked permissions on the file and they are
-rw-rw---- 1 sympl sympl 25 Sep 11 09:06 default_forward
I believe this is as they should be. Same error if I create this file as Root


  • Sympl Version [9.0/10.0]: 10.0
  • Debian Version [Buster/Stretch]: Buster
  • Hardware Type? [Dedicated/Virtual/Pi] Dedicated Intel NUC
  • Sympl Testing Version? [Yes/No] No

Writing from memory:

antispam and antivirus are supposed to turn on the Spamassassin and ClamAV services. You may need to wait an hour to see that happen. Check with “service --status-all” to see if these services are actually enabled. You need more than 1GB RAM to run ClamAV because its signatures fill so much memory. If you don’t have enough RAM, the o/s out of memory killer will start to kill random processes. Unless you add third party signatures like those from sanesecurity, ClamAV will catch vanishingly few emails: so, it’s not worth having without those sigs. If the OOM killer is in operation, that may be causing all sorts of unpredictable problems. is referenced by the Exim configuration, and it should be checked for every email delivery. It should catch quite a good amount of spam.

The exim user is not, iirc, a member of the ‘sympl’ group. So those permissions won’t be expected to work.

Hi @acarneiro, thanks for posting!

I’ll take a look at this ASAP and see if I can replicate, it. If I can, I have a couple of theories about why that is.

antispam and antivirus are supposed to turn on the Spamassassin and ClamAV services. You may need to wait an hour to see that happen.

These should happen somewhat automatically within a few minutes, so while not immediate, they should be fairly quick.

Thank you both for your replies.

Happy to give you access to the machine if you’re unable to replicate the issue.

I’m absolutely loving Sympl, I’m not very savvy and having this system is absolutely fantastic! :smiley:

I’ll try to be brief as I’m talking symbiosis and risk running off-topic.

I’ve recently found that :B 2GB isn’t enough - not even close - for the unofficial signatures. However, with a 2GB swap file freshclam’s malformed database & random OOM is no longer a thing … and I haven’t noticed the performance hit, yet.

zen gets first shot here and remains the Master but barracuda & more aggressive engines are useful for some sites…

admin@vm1:~$ /srv/.all-sites/utils/rblinfo

   22 rbl services configured (non-spamhaus might 'tag')
   15 rbl services show log rejection messages

  service                         sites     rejections
--------------------------------------------------------                   32          1,306             20            100                   20             37                 20             29      19             16                        13             14                   19             10                          7              8                  6              6                 11              4                     18              3                17              3                  16              3                   12              1                    12              1                    20              0                    12              0                   5              0                  5              0                     3              0                    3              0                     1              0
  TOTAL                               -          1,541
  spamassassin                       32              7
  clamav                             32             27
  v20190816 : ~0.22s

(unofficial symbiosis setup via additional dns rbl)

Further to my previous email, I am talking a load of shit.

There does seem to be some spamhaus filtering going on, although no spam filtering that I can see.
The machine is an Intel NUC with 4GB of RAM so resources should really not be an issue…

The issue with the default_forward is still puzzling me, though, as most of the suggestions I saw online pointed to file permissions and those seem to be correct…

Any suggestions?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

I’ve got to the bottom of the switch thing, and fixed it an update which I’ll be pushing out to the stable branch soon.

A fix has been pushed out for this now to stable, and should get automatically updated overnight.

That’s great news!
I look forward to reporting back :slight_smile:

Yep, seems to be working now.
Fantastic, thank you so much :smiley: