Lets Encrypt no longer fetching for one domain

One of my domains that has previously been working has suddenly dropped off the peg SSL wise.

sympl-ssl --verbose --force distinctlyaverage.co.uk

It has been working but suddenly stopped last week, just been a little too busy to look at it. Everything is resolving correctly. I have deleted well known and sll directories and started again but still no joy.

Aaaaarrrgggghhhh. After doing the above none of my domains are even reachable. Now I am completely lost. Been a late night so off to bed before my head explodes

When trying any of the links to the possible files in .well-known I get a HTTP 408 response, which is unusual. Is there a proxy or something in between Lets’s Encrypt and the server?

Not unless something has changed on AWS where it is hosted under lightsail. One domain was working fine until I ran the ssl update then it killed both.

Unfortunately I have been really rough today and am going down hill. Still have no working site but email is working so really confused. I will have to get back to it in a few days when the man flu subsides.

I am lost, completely. If anyone ha experience with AWS and Sympl then I am willing to pay within reason for help. I have exhausted my own level of knowledge and am at a loss to know what to try next.