I broke PiHole!

Running Sympl testing on Buster on a Raspberry Pi, I have also been running PiHole.
Rather than having complicated arrangements with multiple web servers or ports, I simply Slinked the /var/www/html/admin and /var/www/html/pihole directories to be under …/public/htdocs.
All was fine until today.
Suddenly, the pihole admin pages are not being rendered: I’m being served the php file source.
It must have been something I did yesterday, but I can’t work out what it might be. Any ideas where to look?
For now, I’ve disabled the web interface, so pihole is working OK, but…

Sounds like your webserver has lost it’s appropriate php mod and so isn’t passing files into php - OR php isn’t allowed to access the files where they are.
Just guessing

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