FTPS, Certificates and SNI support

Problem Description

In Sympl 11/Debian 11, I expected pure-ftp to support SNI so I can use FTPS with hosted domain names. It seems to be behaving like the previous version, picking up a host certificate instead of a domain certificate.
Since pure-ftpd seems to know what hostname I used, it seems to be handling SNI, but how should it find the right certificate? Does Sympl support this?

Any Error Messages

In both filezilla and lftp, if I use a hosted domain name to connect, I get a complaint that the certificate name does not match the hostname.


  • Sympl Version 11
  • Sympl Testing Version? No
  • Debian Version Bullseye
  • Hardware Type? Virtual
  • Hosted On? Bytemark

Not yet, but it’s on the list of improvements to investigate - the way SSL certs work for SNI with PureFTP however is reasonably complex, so it’ll take a bit of investigation.

OK, not urgent enough to spend a lot of time over it, as far as I’m concerned.