Exim whitelist?

The sympl wiki says emails can be blacklisted by adding them to /etc/exim4/blacklist/by_sender

Is there a similar file to whitelist emails?

I presume you’re referring to Mail Configuration Reference - Sympl Wiki where there’s no mention of the system-wide whitelisting. I’ve not tried it but the .conf file shows exactly equivalent functionality with;


[ Happy New Year! :wink: ]

Yes, that’s the page I was referring to.

So, just to be clear, I can use those files to whitelist in the same way as using /etc/exim4/blacklist/by_sender etc to blacklist?

That’s exactly what I was hoping for, thank you :grinning:

[ Happy new year to you too :slight_smile: ]

Yes, it’s black and white – it should work exactly as (not) advertised. :wink: