Exim "exit 138" test failure

I got an email from sympl that included this:
[some exim4 connection tests, then…]
INFO Runner: exim4: Connection test OK
INFO Runner: exim4: Testing connection to localhost:ssmtp
INFO Runner: exim4: User defined signal 1
WARN Runner: exim4: FAILED: exit 138
INFO Runner: RESULT: 9/10 passed.

A followup email said another test ran without errors, so it seems to have been a temporary fault.
What does exit 138 mean - It is anything I should worry about?

  • Sympl Version 10.0
  • Debian Version Buster
  • Hardware Type? Virtual
  • Sympl Testing Version? No

Off the top.of my head I’m not sure, but it may be something spamassassin or clamav related if you have them enabled.

The sympl-monit setup is a fair bit noisier and fragile than it should be at the moment, so temporary failures like this can usually be disregarded.