DKIM Key length (Amazon Lightsail)

Using Buster on AWS Lightsail and all works well. The only problem I seem to have is the DKIM key. The DNS setup on AWS only allows 0-255 chars per line but the DKIM key is longer so cannot be successfully entered, or am I missing the bleeding obvious?

I’ve tries separating the string with “” marks but lightsail just moans about that and tells me the string should be separated with " marks which just confuses me further.

Apparently, if you split the key up, you should be able to spread it over 2 (or more) record, or chunks for Amazon’s implementation.

So you’d wrap the whole thing in quotes ("), then add breaks in arbitrary places (" " - quote, space, quote), and it should accept them as separate records. Once you’ve got them added, then you should be able to do a normal dig and get the result, or use a DKIM Record checker, which should return the full string.

Sadly that doesn’t seem to work. I am dropping Amazon a line to see if they can advise.

Please let me know how you get on - this may be pertinent when it comes time to integrate OctoDNS.

I’ve successfully published DKIM keys to Mythic Beasts DNS API using OctoDNS.

Not sure if that’s relevant, but thought I’d throw it in.


Well it seems more complicated than it should be as it depends on what service you are on apparently. In lightsail which is what I am using, and probably what a lot of sympl users would be, you cannot separate things with " " but instead you just put them on a new line and it concatenates them together. So in my case I just had to break it up into sections by pressing the enter key in various places. On Route 53 there you use the spaces and quote marks.

Oh, and just for those who may not know and make the same mistake as I did, remove the :300 added at the end of the key that sympl generates.

I think the need for quotes is a BIND thing. I’m self-hosting DNS with BIND and that does work with the quotes.

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