Debian and Sympl software updates

A grey area - so some newbie questions about Sympl.

Historically I‘ve used Symbiosis which was fully supported and maintained by Bytemark. I think I’m correct in assuming that Bytemark used to automatically push down necessary software and security updates (Debian and Symbiosis). Before I begin using Sympl on a non-Mythic Beasts related production server what’s the process for getting Sympl security updates? And in fact, for receiving the latest Debian notifications and updates?

Rgds Pete

As with symbiosis, repository information is kept in /etc/apt/sources.list, so apt-get, aptitude or apt will show and install upgrades for sympl in the same way they do for Debian packages. Thus:
apt update
apt upgrade
will bring everything up to date in both Sympl and Debian.

I don’t think Bytemark “pushed” the software, they just updated the repo and you did the upgrade when you wanted… unless they put it into a daily cron job, I don’t remember now.

I’m fairly sure the unattended updates package is installed by default so that security updates automatically get installed.

Yes, unattended upgrades is installed as part of both Sympl and Symbiosis, and configured to download security updates for Debian automatically, and all updates for Symbiosis/Sympl.

Bearing in mind, once Symbiosis was released, there didn’t tend to be many/any updates.

Ah right - that all makes sense and thanks to all that replied. So I’ve installed phpMyAdmin on Sympl for E-Z database administration. I’m wondering whether future updates are going to break my current phpMyAdmin installation? Apologies for the questions, it’s just that I’m trying to circumnavigate any potential gotchas now. The Sympl roadmap includes a plethora of updates so I’m clearly trying to avoid future issues and nugatory work.

Assuming you installed it based on the documentation, you should be fine - If we are able to add it again, we’ll make sure it doesn’t conflict.

So open ended. There are a few windows GUI desktop apps that facilitates remote MySQL management
Which one to choose?

You can also use sympl create database <name> for the typical database creation, which will create the DB and a matching user that has full access to it with the relevant permissions.

You should be careful not to expose MySQL/MariaDB to the internet however - there’s no encryption used normally, and it’s possible to brute force accounts fairly quickly, so you may instead want to tunnel to the DB server though SSH or similar.

Bytemark still do put out updates to Symbiosis (though not often), and they are automatically installed by Symbiosis as part of the daily Apt updates.
The same is also true of Mythic Beasts and Sympl

As I only need to create the odd Wordpress db I think I’ll attempt to get along using command line rather than bothering to install phpMyAdmin. I’ll find a ‘how to manage Maria db from terminal’ to get going.

Use the sympl command