cPanel to Sympl Import script now in Beta

For a while I’ve been working on taking a cPanel backup file, and using that to configure Sympl, complete with importing sites, email, SSL certs, passwords and similar.

It’s now in Beta, and available at

To use it, you’ll need a tar.gz backup file from cPanel, either the normal backups, or a user-backup retrieved via the web control panel.

Upload that file to somewhere on your target server, then:

cd /home/sympl
git clone
cd sympl-scripts
sudo ./import-cpanel /path/backup_filename.tar.gz

Ensure the output looks okay, then run:

sudo ./import-cpanel --import /path/backup_filename.tar.gz

At that point, you should be able to log into email mailboxes via webmail and FTP with your normal client (watch for updates to usernames), and test things via the URLs, then update DNS to point to the new sites.

If you use it, and it works or doesn’t, please post here with the version of cPanel the backup came from - I’ve tried to account for as many variables as possible, and tried this over a lot of different setups, but there may be something that was missed.