Can I install Jitsi on a Simpl setup? So far, it seems not!

In a locked-down world, it would be good to be able to install an alternative to Zoom.
I’ve tried Nextcloud Talk, which is excellent for small numbers of participants, but not when there are several.
I would like to try jitsi from but although it installs on Sympl, it doesn’t seem to work:
it is serving the default site instead of the jitsi files, which it installs into /etc/jitsi
Can anyone suggest how to do it?

It’s certainly possible in theory to do so (although I haven’t tested it), but the problem would be that Jitsi expects to be the only web-server on the box.

You’d need to install Jitsi alongside the existing Apache, but that should be fine - Sympl doesn’t do anything particularly special with Apache other than the normal configuration, and will leave configs you make yourself alone - so something like this example config should be a good start.

However Jitsi tends to be a serious memory hog, and in testing, we’ve found it to run best with at least 8GB RAM, and as little else running on the server as possible as it’s very timing dependant (ie: no other webservers, PHP, SQL etc), and even more so with a few more participants.

In short, for a decent experience, you’d probably want a fairly high spec VM or dedicated server or similar if you were to run it alongside Sympl.

Think I’ll give it a miss, then The free server will have to do.