2024-03-22 - Update roundup

Sympl 10/11/12

sympl-core: Some small changes have been made to sympl-filesystem-security to improve compatibility with Composer-based sites, and stop it from changing permissions in /srv/example.com/public/vendor directories.

Sympl 12

As above, plus…
sympl-web: Small improvements and bugfixes, and Apache templates were updated with the new Mozilla recommendations
sympl-core: Added the dependency for the dbus package to resolve some issues from third-party Debian Bookworm images without it.

Sympl 12 Testing, coming to stable soon

sympl-web: A very cool new feature now on the testing branch: automatic command-line PHP version selection, based on where you are on the filesystem. This feature was contributed by Alex from Mythic Beasts, who did 99% of the work on it.

  • This means that when you run php in a site which is configured to use PHP 7.4, it will run the command using PHP 7.4, rather than the default PHP 8.2 from Debian Bookworm.
  • You can override it by setting the environment variable PHP_VERSION, eg: PHP_VERSION=8.0 php -v will return that its version 8.0.
  • If you’re not in a domain with it set, then it will default to the distribution default, PHP 8.2.
  • If you want to change the distribution default, you can add the PHP version to /etc/sympl/php/default-version, however this may cause you some confusion later on!

(It’s not entirely magic, so in all the above cases, you’ll still need to have the relevant PHP version installed for it to work!)

Feedback and bug reports on this new feature is very welcome.