2022-05-10 - Update Rollup

I’ve just released a fix for a small bug in sympl-core for Sympl 9 (Stretch) and 10 (Buster), related to handling disabling filesystem security.

For Sympl 11 (Bullseye), there’s a selection of other smaller fixes which have just been pushed to the stable build:

  • sympl-core - small fix for filesystem security and a warning about mktemp in weekly emails.
  • sympl-mail - fixes for automatic Diffie-Hellman regeneration, fixes warnings in exim log.
  • sympl-webmail - fixes warnings in logs.
  • sympl-cron - update some old URLs to sympl.io.
  • sympl-web - updated configuration files to use AWFFull names.

As always, full changelogs can be found on the repo:

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