2021-04-09 - Update to 'antispam' configuration

A couple of small changes to Sympl have just been pushed out.


After some testing, it was verified that the ‘tag’ option (which should accept mail flagged as spam, and tag it appropriately) wasn’t functioning properly for Sympl, which was down to an odd permission requirement.

This meant that the ‘tag’ functionality which was expected to accept and flag incoming mail which is thought to be spam was not functioning, instead simply rejecting the mail outright and returning it to the sender.

In addition to this, while the documentation (including the documentation for Symbiosis going back some time) suggests enabling tagging messages will automatically place them in the user’s Junk/Spam mailbox folder, there’s no functionality at present to do this on a system-wide or domain level, although the headers are there so a user could still filter the mail using Sieve filters on the mailbox if tagging was working as expected.

This has been adjusted so that when the config/antispam file contains the text tag, mail identified as spam is now accepted and ‘tagged’, adding the text ‘[spam]’ to the start of the subject.

In the future I’d like to adjust the anti-spam functionality, so that there are a number of options which configurable on the domain level - adjusting the default to be less strict, allowing a per-domain (or even per-mailbox) spam score, and enabling the functionality to automatically filter spam into the users Junk folder.


A small update in this case which updates some of the automated testing that isn’t typically visible and updates the ‘sympl.host’ seen on login in the message of the day to ‘sympl.io’.

As always, if there are any questions regarding any of this, don’t hesitate to ask!


I think I noticed when I first used Sympl that the [spam] text never appeared in the subject, and also that there was no header showing the spamassassin score. Does this change mean I will see the score header now?
(I suppose I’ll find out soon enough…)

Yes, if config/antispam starts with tag then it’ll start flagging spam as it comes in, rather than rejecting it.