2020-09-09 Updates to sympl-web and sympl-core

Late yesterday I pushed a number of notable updates and bugfixes to the sympl-web and sympl-core packages:


  • Adds support for optional Apache configs in config/apache.d/*.conf (#300)
  • Added php-zip package to recommends (#294)


  • sympl-filesystem-security: don’t overwite permission in public/cgi-bin (#299)
  • sympl-filesystem-security: correctly read the group id (#298)
  • sympl-cli: fix permissions on newly created domains (#295)

The biggest change is the update to sympl-web which now has support for Apache includes for configured domains - these can be added to /srv/example.com/config/apache.d/example.conf and will be loaded when Apache is restarted, meaning less work needed when the package is updated, or keeping modified files up to date.

Also, the Sympl CLI now supports FTP actions such as sympl ftp enable user@example.com on all branches (it was pushed to testing but not stable) - use sympl ftp for more info!

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Does that mean that things put in .htaccess (e.g. no-www to www redirects) can effectively go into the Apache configuration instead, if they’re dropped into the .conf file?

Yes, but as there’s no error checking on it you’ll need to be careful that the files/paths/etc are valid or Apache may not start/reload.

You should be able to just drop the files in the directory and run apachectl -t to check the config is valid.