Where to send Sympl Backups?

I’ve tried all sorts in there (including that), but to no avail. I was hoping that someone had a working setup that would indicate the correct format.

I’ve got it working OK to a separate server of my own. I’m just stuck on how to make it back up to the Bytemark ‘legacy’ backup space.
Not a huge deal, because there’s only 100GB space there anyway.

The Bytemark backup space should just be available on example.backup.bytemark.co.uk, where example is the name of the space/old DH server.

However, it’s all restricted to the source IP address, so any new servers would still need to be added to the configuration by Bytemark to be able to use it.

The IP isn’t a problem, because it’s unchanged.
The problem is the precise form of the address.
Is it example.backup.bytemark.co.uk or is it something like example.backup.bytemark.co.uk::/example/example.default.bytemark.uk
And do I need to set up new ssh keys? If so, where should I send them?
This is something the Bytemark support ought to be able to tell me, but it seems they can’t.
I don’t think they know. They don’t have the documentation and they deleted the forum where this sort of info ended up.

All I recall is that it was configured for NFS, Samba and rsync, with no authentication other than the IP address.

Unfortunately it was deprecated well before I joined Bytemark, and if I recall correctly, the documentation was mostly in the heads of the old (now long gone staff).

All I can suggest is asking Bytemark support again.

Bytemark support have come back with more useful info now, but in the meantime I’ve got it rsyncing to another off-site location. I’ll try the Bytemark one when time permits.
Most of the best info was in the forum, but I can see why iomart deleted them: too many complaints about iomart’s approach.